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Terms and Conditions

By booking services with us and using our website you agree to our these terms and conditions.

Music Tuition Services

We currently welcome adults and children from the age of 5 and upwards.


Consultation Lesson

All new students will be welcomed to a one off paid for consultation lesson to ensure that they are happy with the teacher and facilities. They will then be invited to book a course.

Cancellation Policy

Music lessons are usually taught for one or two hours and in prepaid blocks of ten. These blocks are known as 'courses'. Lessons cancelled without 72 hours notice are taught at the discretion of the teacher. An alternative lesson may be offered for later in the same week but if the student is unable to attend the alternative lesson then the fee for that lesson is lost. We do not refund courses where the student drops out in the middle of the course due to a lack of commitment or inadequate home practicing.  We will of course refund in cases of serious injury, debilitating illness or death.


Please do not book a course if you are unsure if you can make the commitment of ten lessons.

Child Safeguarding Policy 

We prefer the relevant adults to be onsite for children under the age of 12 years due to the cost of the specialist equipment onsite, but this is not a prerequisite. All teachers working alone with children are required by law to have an enhanced DBS enclosure. We have public liability insurance via the Musicians Union.

Special Educational Needs Policy 

At Music Rooms Pontcanna, we welcome and have a large amount of experience teaching students with a wide range of special educational needs. However, we are not licensed music therapists. We will assess your child to see if we are able to teach them, but if not we will recommend you to Sally Greenwell at Ocean Arts Cardiff for music therapy sessions.

Admiral Insurance Staff

We are pleased to offer a music tuition discount to Admiral Insurance staff and their children.

Music Studio Services

Music studio services are available for artists, DJs, voice-actors etc. either with or without a producer. There will always be a member of staff onsite. It is very important that no drinks are placed near the equipment, any damage caused will be subject to legal recovery action. Use of the studio is paid for in advance of the session and is also subject to ensuring that no intellectual property copyright is infringed.

Liquids are NOT allowed on the music studio desk

Intellectual Property Created at the Studio

Music created by Frances and Benjamin Jenkins in conjunction with other recording artists will be subject to a song share agreement prior to release of the material, this is so that all parties understand who owns what part of a recording in the event of future exploitation. We usually operate an equal split system so that anyone involved in the composition of the lyrics, melodic and harmonic structure of a musical work is credited, and if applicable, remunerated accordingly

Concert Pianist Performance


All concert piano performances are subject to a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the minimum fee of £350 for two hours.It is the venues responsibility to ensure a safe, well lit working environment.